E retailers using Amazon, Google shops or even eBay

are losing out on many sales and conversions due to poor photography of their product and worst-case products being pulled and taken down by the selling platform due to not following photography product guidelines.

Amazon especially sets high standards for sellers when it comes to product images.
Amazon Product Images Guidelines are:
4 to 8 high quality photos per product
Possible image formats: TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG
Images cannot contain watermarks, and should be free of text
Plain white background – even if the product has a shadow (either real or added with editing software) over a white background
Product should take up 80% of image, and should always be the main focus
No drawings or illustrations, actual photographs only
Recommended size 1000 x 1000 pixels for sufficient detail—the zoom feature is enabled on images this size or larger. Amazon claims that the zoom feature enhances sales, and amazon may even suppress products that do not have zoom-enabled images.
This is rightly so! because having the right product images for each product helps in more ways than you would first think.

Next to price the most important element in converting sales is the main listing image, this is a key part of a customer’s decision-making process! i.e. the famous quote “a picture says a 1000 words”.
Your product images reflect on the products perceived value and quality.
It also creates the infamous first impression! No matter how many words you have written in the details about the product a bad photograph will kill all of that effort.

After the main image you will need sometimes up to 8 different images of the product showcasing it from all angles. It is the best way of showing its features which means proving its benefit to the buying customer.

Another bonus to having the right images on Amazon is that correct images following Amazons guidelines and the number of images showing the product really does help in placing your product at the top of the buying page!

Amazon’s job is to sell products! There are many reasons why some retailers get their products shown more than their competitors.
Amazon wants to show the customer the best possible item/product for the search term and wants the customer to buy the item!
So, a listing with imagery which is optimised for Amazon and also showing more product images is probably more liable to be ranked higher than a listing with bad imagery or only one image.
Whether it’s Amazon, Google shops, eBay or any other selling platform, product photography is well worth the investment. A bad photograph stands out for all the wrong reasons.
No matter how much work you’ve put into researching keywords writing the perfect title and product description, if your images fail to sell the product, you’ve wasted your time.
Most E-retail experts generally agree that professional product photography rather than a DIY iPhone photos for listing images will see a 20% increase in sales usually more.
So that’s a excellent return on investment.



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