Really, this soon?

Finally got around to producing a new site. Last one launched 2007.

Been a bit busy since then, so obviously it worked I guess.

Pathetic excuse over.

Reasons for a new one. First and foremost, embarrassment, that’s defiantly the main reason but not the only one. Things have changed and I needed to show everyone the type of service we offer i.e. rich digital content (photography and video) which really does sell clothing. It’s a solid dependable system which ceaselessly produces top quality content which works perfectly on multiple platforms.

So, if you have a brand, producing collections, maybe annually or seasonally, you will need a studio who is experienced in producing the advertising images and the product shots for your buying pages. We are adept at preparing the range and organising all the elements which combine to produce a cracking set of images on time and on budget. That’s what we do, check out the e-commerce shop examples.

All the images on the new site are real commissioned jobs (not ‘ideal world’ portfolio pieces) from the last few years, many still out there on the web working hard for the various brands.

You’ll probably notice the site is a bit lingerie biased, this isn’t any intent on my part just a result of word of mouth recommendation leading from one client to another; so, send us your t-shirts, knitwear or general womenswear ranges please.

The main thing to emphasize is our flexibility combined with experience and capacity. We can produce, what you need for probably less than you expect.

New website, same commitment to quality.

Talk soon

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