Here’s a cool product. Some clothes just love being photographed, they absolutely pop on screen like a photogenic face, come alive on camera, show their quality and feel through the lens.
British made Striped Fashion Leggings.
The model put them on, they fitted very nicely and she loves wearing them, my assistant Spike (5’9”) who struggles to find leggings long enough found them perfect.

They are supplied by They sell Flags, Bunting, Embroidered Patches and a range of Fashion Accessories including Leggings, Tights, Scarves and T-shirts and Tops

Klicnow gave us a call to see if we could get this great new product photographed to add to their website. They required studio images and video to reflect the quality of the eye-catching leggings that were designed in-house.

This is a good example of a shoot within a shoot. We will often organise and shoot several different clients’ samples over a single studio day. If model choice fits everybody (stats, age, style etc) it is a useful way to cover either one-off items or catch late arriving products from incomplete inventories.

It’s a great way of enabling companies, like this, to enjoy all the benefits of a commercial studio day (with superior photography, videography and a highly professional model) within a realistic affordable budget.
If this type of service would be of interest to you please get in touch.


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