Invisible Mannequin Photography

The production of invisible mannequin shots is an incredibly important strand of visual photographic marketing.
Either alongside live modelled photographs or sometimes instead of, the mannequin shot is a versatile selling tool enabling a uniformity of presentation. This is key when clients need images for editorial content for PR and advertising.
We produce these for many clients along with flat shots highlighting an items detail, texture, and individual features.
Invisible or ghost mannequin images are often referred to as an industry standard, meaning lots of people produce them/use them. We think there is nothing standard about them and each type of garment requires subtly different treatment.
Not all manufacturers want the same proportion male, female, or child body shape. We can customer manufacture a body style specifically for you.
Images can be composites of several shots to achieve the finished results and of course a great deal of attention goes into the steaming/pressing and preparation of the piece even before it sees the Mannequin.
All files are labelled by style name and numbered.
Web optimised image files are saved to a shared client Dropbox folder for quick access and upload by yourself or your e-commerce platform provider.

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